trial for website 2
trial for website 2

Dear SoccerExperience Clients/Friends/Fans,

We have been working hard on building a new website. Once the new site is ready you will see big changes here at (April 2014)

DONT WORRY… (We are keeping our URL so you will still find us here. However the website will look very different.)

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Soccer Experience is a multi-purpose footballing company founded in the United States that aims to organise football trips across Europe, Asia and North America for interested parties. Specialising in Organising Training and Playing Tours from youth to veteran players, the company is affiliated with some of the biggest names in English and European football including the likes of Liverpool FC, Sunderland FC and Malaga FC to name a few.

Soccer Experience is the brainchild of former professional player and coach Martin Tierney, who now provides a wide range of soccer experiences through the many contacts he has at his disposal across the globe at the highest levels of football. As  a result, an opportunity to train and play at Premier League facilities shouldn’t come as a surprise when on tour with Soccer Experience.

Soccer Experience does not limit itself to organisation of tours. We also run very successful Tournaments across various age categories in different parts of the world and our popular Masters tournament has recently completed its 8th year in Tenerife.

Apart from the organisational activities, Soccer Experience also devotes its time to Placing Youth Players at professional clubs of the highest calibre.

Our love of football also extends to punditry work as Martin is a well-known Asian TV pundit whose work with the media dates back nearly 20 years. The following is a link to a short video showing Martin Tierney’s punditry expertise.

With all the resources, knowledge and experience at out disposal, we look forward to catering to your footballing needs where ever you may be in the world of football.


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